The Christmas Ham

Not a true story By Amber Noel I’m in the middle of telling this really funny long-form joke, and I’ve just served up my famous Christmas ham, and we’re all snacking festively and sipping hot drinks, and I’... Read More...

Bring on hip-hop Erasmus

As Peter Berger said, humor posits its “effervescent” reality against the “dense, heavy, compelling” reality of the present.

Apple, TEC announce joint venture

The new partnership aims to redefine the way Christian discipleship is done, address intractable demographic trends in the Episcopal Church, and catalyze technology-led ecclesial change.
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We’re the us we’ve been waiting for

Clearly the 21st-century Church is in crisis. Too many syllables render innumerable adults incapable of understanding the plain-sense meaning of words. We are here to help.