For Maundy Thursday

By Garwood Anderson The Maundy Thursday liturgy is probably my favorite of the year. So much happens, from the washing of feet to the Garden of Gethsemane to the celebration in the Upper Room to the Garden o... Read More...

When We Make Mistakes in Our Prayers

By Mary Foulger I was embarrassed. I had been so excited to pray with some of the important leaders in my Christian organization. Perhaps I would learn something, or maybe even simply demonstrate I could pra... Read More...

Negative Capability: A Pastoral Virtue

What does the poet John Keats have to teach the pastors of the church? John Bauerschmidt expands on a suggestion of Eugene Peterson, and suggests how we need to maximize  our “negative capability.”

Why I Wear Black

By Zachary Guiliano I always knew I’d wear black. My first inkling came when I was 18 and an intern at a Pentecostal church. I attended a short course on recovery ministries, and a local Salvation Army preac... Read More...

The Unselfish Pastor

A pastor is called according to the ministry of Jesus himself, who gave up his life for the world.

The Pastor and Sober Humility

A rediscovery of humility is in order, if pastors are to maintain the mental, emotional, and spiritual health that allows them to continue faithfully in the ministry.

Virtue and the Women of Old Hollywood

To introduce my daughter to the seven classic virtues, I will enlist the help of classic guides: Ingrid Bergman, Myrna Loy, Katherine Hepburn, and Jean Arthur, among others.