Communion Partners: Austin Statement

“As bishops, we claim our apostolic ministry as teachers of the Faith, and our role as chief pastors within our dioceses, clearly articulated in the Book of Common Prayer.”
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‘Restore good order’

Three leaders of the Anglican Communion Institute have issued an open letter to the House of Bishops.
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Dallas: stunned

“[S]purious complaints against bishops demonstrate the urgent need to revisit the Title IV disciplinary Canons.”
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Charles Alley+ on Title IV

Besides being conduct unbecoming of a church, the latest Title IV complaints violate the First Amendment.
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ACI on Title IV

The complaints are patently frivolous and should be dismissed at the outset.
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+Daniel Martins on Title IV

My principal concern was to not leave unchallenged the assertion that the Episcopal Church is a unitary hierarchical organism at all levels, and that the dioceses are entirely creatures of General Convention.
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+William Love on TItle IV

To date, I have not seen a copy of the “complaint,” nor do I know who issued it, or what it says.