What the Pentecostals Taught Me

By Jonathan Turtle Pentecostals have taught me a lot. You see, despite being born to a Presbyterian father from Belfast and a Roman Catholic mother from Dublin, being baptized in the Church of Ireland (a com... Read More...

A Third Article Reflection

By Daniel Martins Praying daily in the same form for years upon years is a repetitive endeavor that, in my case at least, invariably evokes boredom, spiritual dryness. Yet, with perseverance, even out of thi... Read More...

The Self-Portrait of the Holy Spirit

It’s an old puzzle in Christian God-talk and prayer. “Father” and “Son” come preloaded with images and associations; “Spirit” feels a little harder to grasp. Sarah Coakley’s book God, Sexuality, and the Self: An Essay ‘on the Trinity,’ even jokes about the way... Read More...

Charism and Congregations

What does the concept of charism have to offer Protestant Christians looking for a church in a pluralistic modern era?

Seeking the Holy Spirit

I found the Holy Spirit when I was not seeking him — and in the most unlikely of places: an Episopal chapel.

A theology for Anglican church growth

There is a certain convenience in the assumption that decline is inevitable. Anglican disdain for church growth is ecclesiological palliative care.

Holy Spirit: Remembrancer

Refresh my memory, / With words of Moses and Jesus, / To help me follow your ways / And imagine your future.