What the Pentecostals Taught Me

By Jonathan Turtle Pentecostals have taught me a lot. You see, despite being born to a Presbyterian father from Belfast and a Roman Catholic mother from Dublin, being baptized in the Church of Ireland (a com... Read More...

A Third Article Reflection

By Daniel Martins Praying daily in the same form for years upon years is a repetitive endeavor that, in my case at least, invariably evokes boredom, spiritual dryness. Yet, with perseverance, even out of this periodic desiccation come nuggets of insight. Fo... Read More...

The Self-Portrait of the Holy Spirit

It’s an old puzzle in Christian God-talk and prayer. “Father” and “Son” come preloaded with images and associations; “Spirit” feels a little harder to grasp. Sarah Coakley’s book God, Sexuality, and the Self: A... Read More...

Charism and Congregations

What does the concept of charism have to offer Protestant Christians looking for a church in a pluralistic modern era?

Seeking the Holy Spirit

I found the Holy Spirit when I was not seeking him — and in the most unlikely of places: an Episopal chapel.

A theology for Anglican church growth

There is a certain convenience in the assumption that decline is inevitable. Anglican disdain for church growth is ecclesiological palliative care.