The Scarlet Thread and the Holy Cross

By Thomas Kincaid “And men, when you get in there, remember to look for the scarlet thread.” The promised fall of Jericho had been a long time coming for Israel’s army. There had been the promise, then the sp... Read More...

A Short Course in Suffering

By Daniel Martins  Susanne, my late mother-in-law, was a devout believer. Raised in a strict Anabaptist faith community, she left that tradition as a young adult over what she thought was an excessive legali... Read More...

Behold the Cross

The key to understanding the Cross is to shut up, and look, in a mode of humble, agenda-free reception.

Ever crucified

The other day my son said to my wife, “Talk about Jesus.”
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The enemies of the cross

“For many walk as enemies of the cross of Christ...” We have now entered Holy Week and have begun our intense contemplation of the passion and cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. The season of Lent is ending, bu... Read More...