Sursum corda

This is the last of three reflections on hierarchy. Part one, Part two. By Christopher Wells Human beings are made for worship of God: at once, to repent and acclaim his glorious name, and to bow before h... Read More...

The Evangelical Edge

 This is the second of three reflections on hierarchy. Part one is here. By Christopher Wells Digging deeper into the origins of hierarchy, one comes to a most basic sense of the Greek arché, namely, begi... Read More...

Church Order: Neither Nostalgic nor Progressive

This is the first of three reflections on hierarchy. By Christopher Wells We denizens of democratic spaces do not much like rulers. We like, in the formulation of the French Revolution, liberté, égalité, and fraternité. We worry, with historical reason, ... Read More...

Mind the Generation Gap

In the Episcopal Church, we have a stand-off brewing between the Boomers and the Millennials.

I want you to use me

When Augustine says that God alone is to be enjoyed, and everything else — including human beings — used, he does not mean that everything besides God is worthless.

Hot pockets and the hierarchy of good

Teenage boys like Hot Pockets. I do not know why. They also do crazy things like destroying microwaves with overheated Oreos. That’s a new one for me. I’m just settling in to my new job as a boarding school ... Read More...

Liturgy and becoming a “less bad” person

One thing that I’ve noticed on this blog is a willingness to criticize inflated claims for the liturgy. But, properly chastened, can we make claims that the liturgy "works," making you a better person?