Jerusalem the Golden

By Mac Stewart We should think about heaven more. Yes, I know: it’s important to avoid being so heavenly minded as to be no earthly good; we mustn’t promise people pie in the sky when they die as an excuse f... Read More...

The Four Last Things Redux

By Hannah Bowman The traditional “four last things” of Advent — death, judgment, heaven, and hell — direct Christians’ attention to the world to come. But these Advent themes speak as well to the work alrea... Read More...

Advent, The Four Last Things: Heaven

But what if heaven is not primarily a place of peace, but instead a community, created by communal participation in the divine life? Such a conception of heaven allows us to begin to imagine it as a place of communal accountability — a place where all can be welcome only because all are responsible to one another: a place of justice.

The hope of glory

In Romans 8, St. Paul develops the contrast between present sufferings and future glory.

What the Ascension is (and isn’t)

The Ascension is a real departure and a real exaltation into the heavens. At the same time, we are sure that his body is present with us in mysteries and sacraments: in Eucharist and Baptism, in the gathered church, in particular saints.