Christ’s Reversal of Cosmic Decay

By Jeff Boldt Awhile back I wrote about the fact that creation is a temple, and that humanity (Adam) is a priest. Now I'll look at the cosmic consequence of humanity's dereliction of our priesthood. That is,... Read More...

Acts and Eugenics

Luke's book of the Acts of the Apostles teaches us what it means that "God shows no partiality."

Jesus’ Galilean Ministry

Jesus speaks and acts with authority because his words and actions are those of God, because he is God.

The Table: A post-political liturgy

In the wake of the inauguration, I propose the following. Churches should create a community-oriented event called the Table. The goal here is to create a space in which political partisanship takes a back seat to human interaction, and thus defuses fear of the political “other.”

holy hands

I'm currently in a phase of "secular" work (employed at a church, but not empowered to use my "magic hands" — that is, to function as a priest), and have had the opportunity to reflect quite a bit on the boundaries of Christian ministry.