The Good News of Christian Faith

By Bryan Owen If someone asked you “What is the Christian faith all about?,” how would you respond? While different people may answer that question in different ways, I think the best place to start is wi... Read More...

The Mission of the Church: Who Decides?

By John Hartnett Over the years I have observed many conversations about the Church’s mission. Recently it was common for parishes to write mission statements, most of which seemed fairly innocuous. (We are ... Read More...

Intramural Ecumenism

The ecumenical challenge today does not run between denominations but within denominations.

Transformed by Jesus

May our reading of John’s Gospel inspire us to write more chapters of the good news of Jesus by sharing the power of his forgiveness and the hope of his resurrection with the world God loves so much.

Of Hymns and Missionaries

By Daniel Martins One of the spiritual practices in which I regularly engage is to sit down at a piano or organ keyboard with a hymnal and just play through hymns, allowing myself ample opportunity to reflec... Read More...