God’s Amazing Grace

By Bryan Owen Amazing grace! How sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me! I once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see. Even in our increasingly secular age, it might be difficult to find people unfamiliar with those words. They open o... Read More...

The Grace of Being Seen

By Paul Kolbet A lot of us are feeling unhappy right now. There is nothing wrong with that. Being happy during a pandemic may not be a thing. If you are unhappy, it is probably because one of your human need... Read More...

Mercy Triumphs Over Grace

Mercy provides catholic Anglicans a way to challenge our Protestant brethren with a hermeneutic that is grounded throughout the witness of Scripture (including St. Paul, especially if one reads “grace” as an aspect God’s merciful response to the human condition), is firmly rooted in theological reflections on the Trinity (Kasper especially leans on St. Augustine), and dynamically connects the relationship of the believer to God in Christ with the relationship that disciples are called to share with their neighbors and the political arrangements that are most conducive to human flourishing.

The Reign of Grace

We are inescapably religious, and for David Zahl this is more of a curse than a blessing. 

After Darkness, Light?

The documentary Calvinist is a visual tract intended primarily for American evangelicals unaffiliated and possibility unfamiliar with the movement.