A Christmas Paradox

By Molly Jane Layton When St. John the Evangelist wrote the Christmas story, he left out all of the Christmas. There are no angels, no shepherds, no wise men. No Mary, no Joseph, no manger. No birth announce... Read More...

Harmonious Gospels: Symphony in (Year) B

By Jay Thomas As the season after Epiphany trudged through these long winter months before ceding its place to Lent, the Christmas season faded to an afterthought in the rearview mirror. The regular hum-drum of life  returned, and with it, the lectionary re... Read More...

St. John the Seer and Opened Eyes

By Charlie Clauss Some years ago I went to renew my driver’s license and discovered I was legally blind in one eye. Fortunately I could see well enough in the other eye to get the renewal, but it meant a tri... Read More...

Transformed by Jesus

May our reading of John’s Gospel inspire us to write more chapters of the good news of Jesus by sharing the power of his forgiveness and the hope of his resurrection with the world God loves so much.

The Cup is What He Gives You

We see in our readings that when Jesus prays for us to be united to him and to the Father, there is then no other way we can choose if we are to be blessed, apart from the one that the Father gives Jesus.

Approaching the End

This week’s readings for the Good Book Club’s journey through John’s Gospel move us ever-closer to the Gospel’s climax, and the end of Jesus’s earthly life and ministry.

“A Terrible Light”

Being reborn is not easy. It is Lazarus being called to life by a “terrible light.”