G. K. Chesterton and the Goodness of God

By Cole Hartin While I have a few podcasts in my feed, over the past couple of years I’ve been trying to mix in audiobooks as well. I’m cheap, so I don’t have an Audible subscription. I have found, however, ... Read More...

Plato has gone before us

In The Vision of the Soul, James Matthew Wilson asserts that the Western tradition is dominated by one name: Plato.

Climbing the ladder of God’s delight

My first encounter with natural delight changed my life. I ended up leaving my parish ministry in North Carolina to move to the United Kingdom. Since then, I’ve gone out into wildernesses and the countryside with increasing regularity, spending as much time as I responsibly can soaking in the natural world and learning how to delight.

Beauty will save the world

We’ve forgotten what art is for. We need places to live, work, and worship: They are useful for us when they reflect our value as creatures of Beauty itself.