Problems with Forgiveness

By Amber Noel The priest says, “Let us confess our sins against God and our neighbor,” and maybe (if you’re lucky), there’s a period of silence before you launch into “Most merciful God,” during which your e... Read More...

Exodus and Tiramisu

Exodus 12:33-14:31 By Amber Noel This section of Exodus reminds me irresistibly of tiramisu. Or perhaps lasagna. No — let’s stick with tiramisu. Starting with chapter 12, the text alternates between energy-soaked story and dense, rich commands. The story o... Read More...

Find Yourself Within the Book of Life

The book of life, however, is more than a guest list for heaven. It's no other than the book of Scripture. And the book of Scripture is more than a history book. It actually maps out where time is going.

Grief and the Presence of God

The desire, and lack of solution, for more attention to God continues to gnaw at the corners of my mind and heart. And then this past weekend, my dog died.