Springsteen, Belonging, and Religion in Blinded by the Light

To be sure, Springsteenism is an ambiguous religiosity. Springsteen, as Roops pronounces, “knows everything you’ve ever felt … and he can describe it better for you.” His music allows one to see the depth and profundity in ordinary life — to see even father-son conflict as “something as old as time,” as Manzoor says, and to respond with empathy. Springsteen himself is a role model of uncommon decency.

St. Dominic & The Florida Project

These are gut-wrenchingly difficult communities to consider. And yet their characters, or at least their real-world counterparts, are my neighbors, whom I am called to love and to serve. St. Dominic would have me ask, “What about them is good, true and beautiful?”

Groundhog Day, conversion, and limitations

Humans don't like limitations. This isn't entirely a bad thing. The drive to transcend what we are has led to great advances in many areas of science and technology. Heart valves and airplanes, cars and dental implants, satellites and toy poodles; they all com... Read More...