Reading the News Like a Christian: Part 1

The Weight of the World By Abigail Woolley Cutter There are weeks when, even though everything is going well in our house — the kids are happy, we parents are sleeping enough — a cloud nevertheless descends... Read More...

“Always Dress Like a Priest”

By Leander S. Harding I have just celebrated my 40th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood. On occasion I endure good natured heckling from both clergy and laity because I almost always appear in public in clerical attire. I have a number of reasons f... Read More...

Five Tips on Voting Like a Nonbeliever

By Sam Keyes Many Christians these days seem to spend a lot of energy figuring out how to properly separate or combine their faith from their politics. Which presidential candidate is more messianic? Which c... Read More...

Advent, The Four Last Things: Judgment

Judgment is not a topic the church often wants to contemplate, but it is not one we can avoid. How can we understand the dialectic of God’s judgment and mercy at the final coming of Christ so that divine judgment — and not just the hope of avoiding it — is for us something to be desired, not just feared?

Why Join a Corrupt Church?

So why should anyone join our troubled Anglican Church in all her present disarray? If we truly love the Lord we will love his Body, and true love always contains within it the patience to endure long-suffering.

Church Decline, Faithfulness, and Hope

While the reports of our death may be premature and exaggerated, our calling remains exactly the same:  to proclaim the good news of the risen and ascended Jesus Christ in season and out of season, that we may be found faithful on the Last Day.