Why Study Biblical Languages?

By Paul D. Wheatley “And there in the dark pools amid the Gladden Fields,” said, “the Ring passed out of knowledge and legend; and even so much of its history is known now only to a few, and the Council of th... Read More...

Psalm 88: At God’s Mercy

By Justin S. Holcomb Psalm 88 is an individual psalm of lament by someone so overwhelmed with troubles (v. 3) that he is abandoned by his friends and feels abandoned by God. This psalm is a song of distress ... Read More...

The Trinity in the Old Testament

By Jeff Boldt Modern Christians wrongly tend to view the Old Testament as the record of a religion that Christianity replaced. Not only does this mean that we think the laws of Moses have been cancelled, but... Read More...

Reading Scripture as Centered on Jesus

The Swiss theologian’s striking insights on core Christian doctrines glisten through this superb collection of essays plumbing his engagements with gospel texts.

Inhabiting a Strange New World

How might we make use of spiritual exegesis and the “fourfold sense” in our proclamation of the Bible’s strange new world?