G. K. Chesterton and the Goodness of God

By Cole Hartin While I have a few podcasts in my feed, over the past couple of years I’ve been trying to mix in audiobooks as well. I’m cheap, so I don’t have an Audible subscription. I have found, however, ... Read More...

Jim Thompson and the Killer Inside Us All

We prefer to think that evil is something “bad people” do, and that these bad people are easily recognizable. We see a mug shot on the news and say “Oh, he looks like a child molester, like a mass shooter, like a serial killer, like a bad person. Or as often as not today we think of evil as that perpetrated only by our political opposites. We describe such people as “inhuman” or “deplorable”, descriptors that gives us the relief of distance. The guise evil wears is, of course, always that of someone else.

Hope in the midst of evil

One word has kept coming into my mind since the shootings, which we don't hear from many Episcopal pulpits: "demonic."