Looking to Covenant’s Future

By Jeff Boldt Last week, several of my fellow contributors engaged in a public-facing roundtable discussion about the reasons they write for Covenant. Reading their engaging accounts got me to thinking about... Read More...

“When I Use a Word”: Humpty Dumpty on Evangelicalism

By Charlie Clauss When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is... Read More...

True Religion in a Modern World

The Spirit of Early Evangelicalism: True Religion in a Modern World. By D. Bruce Hindmarsh Oxford University Press. Pp. 376 $38.95 Review by Gareth Atkins Among historians of evangelicalism it has long... Read More...

Anglicans, Methodists, and Evangelicals

The Hanoverian Church is usually consigned to oblivion by 21st-century commentators in search of more familiar names and more “relevant” theological pickings.

Listening to Converts

We would do well to listen to converts, hear their stories, and come to a deeper appreciation of the church we have to steward and the gospel we have to share.

Post-evangelicals and the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church has the opportunity to embody a different way. We are a Christian church, founded upon the gospel of Jesus. We need not give in to the politics of fear and exclusion, whether they come in the garb of the right or of the left.