Benediction and the Hybrid Church

By Curt Norman Churches across the United States are returning to in-person worship following more than a year of gathering primarily online. Physical distancing created a particular dilemma for Episcopalian... Read More...

Drawing Near at a Distance

By Mac Stewart I live as a guest in a Catholic religious community. Every Sunday evening, the community adores Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. At the end of this time of adoration, the community members rece... Read More...

The host-life and the virus

Like much of the world right now, the Church faces a kind of humiliation in the face of the current crisis.
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The Hail Mary and Corpus Christi

Derek writes: 1.) What is doctrinally wrong with the Hail Mary in regards to asking for prayer? How is it different than me asking you for the same? 2.) Why is Eucharistic Adoration frowned upon?