Very Members Incorporate

Cranmer’s traditionalism comes through in his emphasis on the mutual indwelling of the believer and Christ, and the incorporation of believers into Christ.

Trauma and the Eucharist

All the sacraments are traumatic for us. Our body is no longer completely our own, our present is interrupted by a foretaste of the eschatological banquet, and the sacraments ultimately are beyond any adequate verbal description.

The Reason for Baptism before Communion

Baptism brings each believer into the body of Christ, and the Eucharist is the source for the weekly renewal of that original public profession and of our incorporation into Christ’s body.

The Good Boredom of the Mass

If you are bored in church, something might have gone wrong: shoddy liturgy, sloppy homily, strip mall architecture — or, more often, simply your indisposition toward the Lord.