Contending for the faith once delivered

The good news is that the Church always contains the seeds of its revival. Our prayer book’s emphasis on the ministry of all the baptized, for instance, is a gift we have only begun to open.

Back to the future

We need to rediscover and to revive the vocation of the seminary at precisely the moment of its greatest risk.

Setting tables in the wilderness

When a person is deeply saturated and formed in the Scriptures and symbols of the Christian tradition, she can creatively adapt and remake them in new settings — with soldiers on deployment, in an emergency room, with a couple in counseling.

Leading the Church to the margins

Tomorrow’s Church “knows God/Bible/liturgy” with those doing Jesus’ work outside Church walls: seeking the Holy Spirit already active in their communities and joining in, remembering every “do” from Jesus.

Leaders show up

Showing up — for God, for each other, for a community greater than ourselves — is a discipline. It is a huge part of what it means to be the Church.