The Life of the Land: A Cautionary Tale

By Mark Clavier Once upon a time… …there was a palace of incomparable splendor, more resplendent than any palace that had been seen before. In the palace lived all the kingdom’s nobility: a prosperous peo... Read More...

Recovering the Magic in Onward

By Sam Keyes Pixar’s new Onward, made available early on Disney Plus thanks to the pandemic, is a wonderful movie. Of course I was going to say that. It is the gentle apotheosis of so much fantasy nerd cultu... Read More...

Life Without Mark or Measure

By Thomas Plant They were alone in a grey formless world without mark or measure. Only far away north-west was a deeper darkness against the dying light: the Mountains of Mist and the forest at their feet. — The Two Towers, by J.R.R. Tolkien Aragorn, Legolas... Read More...

The Last Jedi and the Christian story

Something new is appearing in the culture: a dissatisfaction with a banal materialism and a nostalgia for a story that gives hope, one that tells of a sacred tree.

The Narnia Church

Narnia is best understood as analogous to the Church, where all kinds of magical things and all kinds of brokenness exist side-by-side.

Our bodies are magic

One of the great blessings of Catholic Christianity is that it affirms both the earthiness and the enchantment of the world we live in. There is no shying away from the stark realities of our physicality.

New curiosity shops

The world sure needs lots of high-quality everything to contrast with all the low-quality alternatives. Why shouldn’t Christians be the ones to offer it? Maybe some enchantment will follow.