Sacrament of Maturity

By Sam Keyes Of all the sacraments, confirmation is the most widely misunderstood. Among Protestants, it often functions, at worst, as a mere coming-of-age ritual. At best, it gets described as something hav... Read More...

Aquinas as Anglican

The following short essay appears in a new translation of a minor work of St. Thomas Aquinas: De Sortibus: A Letter to a Friend about the Casting of Lots, trans. Peter Carey (forthcoming in 2021 from Wipf &... Read More...

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

By Neil Dhingra Famously, Dorothy Day once said, “Don’t call me a saint. I don’t want to be dismissed that easily.” The writer Robert Ellsberg, who had recorded that line, noted that Day did not want to be reduced to a predictable quasi-aesthetic ideal — “s... Read More...

The Difficult Work of Fellowship

Whatever we may prefer to call it — communion, fellowship, community — it is difficult work. Let’s be honest about that.

Intramural Ecumenism

The ecumenical challenge today does not run between denominations but within denominations.

On Returning to the New World

The rich variety we observe in church choices used to mean that ecumenism was an obvious project, though enthusiasm for it seems to have waned since the initial optimism of the early 20th century

A Love Note to Anglicanism

Though I find myself today a Byzantine rite priest in communion with Rome, it was in the Anglicanism of my youth that I was formed in many important and providential ways.