Hearing God Speak

By Mary Foulger Have you ever considered asking your children to listen to the Holy Spirit when they are having a hard time listening to you? That is exactly what my pastor Amy Ryan did one time when her you... Read More...

Judging Like a Christian

By Bryan Owen Do not judge, so that you may not be judged — Matthew 7:1 These words of Jesus are sometimes quoted to undermine attempts to name other people's behavior as morally wrong and sinful. "Who are y... Read More...

On Doctrine: Seven Theses

By George Sumner “Doctrine,” which means “teaching,” has both more general and more technical senses. The former (general) refers to what a group believes at a particular time. The latter (technical) carries a wider purview (what Christians have believed... Read More...

Theologies of Discernment: Call or Charism?

We might faithfully do a great many things in our lives, including changing occupations. Because our lives are not monolithic, neither should our discernment be. The idea that God issues a single vocation to each of us does not seem consonant with the experience of most Christians

The Question of Calling

As twenty-somethings finish their studies and look toward the future, the question of vocation is urgent and, it seems, particularly difficult to answer amid other pressures and responsibilities.