Emergent Communion:

What Happened at Lambeth 2022 and What Should Happen Next By George Sumner As we peer into the glass darkly to discern the outlines of a future for global Anglicanism, it is not Canterbury 2022, but rather ... Read More...

General Convention 2022: Signs of Synodical Grace

Editorial By Mark Michael & Christopher Wells The Episcopal Church’s General Convention is a synod. That is to say, it is a gathering of Christians who, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, are moving together, talking about what they have heard a... Read More...

The Grammar of Communion

The following essay is excerpted from a chapter in When Churches in Communion Disagree, ed. Robert Heaney, Christopher Wells, and Pierre Whalon (Living Church Books, forthcoming this spring).  By Katherine S... Read More...

A Curated Life

Along with rest of our lives, it easy to fabricate a spiritual enclave in which we can live without encountering anything we don’t like.

You might be a monist

Monism is all rather heady, but it bears on several theological topics, including Christology and ecclesiology.