Through the Word: On Dialogue

By Michael Whitnah  "I was today years old when I learned…” is a cheeky axiom in today’s world of TikTok/Instagram Reels, etc. This saying signals a paradigm shift, miniscule or momentous, often absurd; an e... Read More...

Communion and Clarifying Dialogue 

Have I engaged this topic in a way that leads to the flourishing that you very beautifully call forth from male leaders? One day God will make this clear. But isn’t the point of dialogue to enter into the fray and to refine each other through enhanced mutual understanding?
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The 10th anniversary of 9/11

I believe that this is an Anglican moment — the kind of moment that comes along from time to time. It is a moment into which we can live fully, or it is a moment that we can let slip by.