‘Blood of Christ, Inebriate Me’

By Mac Stewart  When I was a kid, I wasn’t so crazy about the date of my birth: April 29. It was toward the end of the school year, which meant I was always one of the last students in the class to move up t... Read More...

Holy Spirit: Remembrancer

Refresh my memory, / With words of Moses and Jesus, / To help me follow your ways / And imagine your future.

A walk up the aisle

On weekdays when I am not traveling, it has been my custom to begin and end my days with prayer in the cathedral — prayer that is anchored in the daily office, supplemented by some personal devotions.

What’s preventing a new Oxford Movement?

Has the Episcopal Church developed a more profound focus on the adoration of God, a renewed commitment to justice work grounded in the Incarnation, or a sense of Anglican identity across the real and painful conflicts that have come to define us?

Costly devotion

Those wise men brought such manifestly impractical gifts to the infant Christ: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.
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An Advent devotion

Revelation is always disorienting. The finite cannot comprehend the infinite.
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The Sundays after Pentecost

Every moment may be set apart and consecrated to God through acts of Christian service and devotion. What else is the Christian life but this?