A catechism of Nature (6): Circles of disturbance and perception

One’s circle of disturbance is inversely proportional to the size of one’s circle of perception. If you are only aware of what is immediately around you, then you will be more apt to frighten animals you don’t see with your ruckus. There is a spiritual lesson in all of this.

Ever crucified

The other day my son said to my wife, “Talk about Jesus.”

From kingdom to truth

The Word preached that one last time to that practical philosopher Pontius Pilate, and he spoke of the truth.

The hostage deal

Gregory compared the Devil to a hungry fish, caught on the hook of Christ’s deity when he was enticed to swallow it by the bait of Christ’s flesh.

The enemies of the Cross

How have we set ourselves up as enemies of the Cross? In what ways have we avoided the suffering which establishes community?