Love and Fear: For Good Friday

By Neil Dhingra Now imagine a film projected not on a screen but on a rubbish dump. The story of Jesus — which in its full extent is the entire Bible — is the projection of the trinitarian life of God on the r... Read More...

Being Disarmed

The traditionalist perspective in the Episcopal Church — particularly with regard to the meaning of marriage — has been completely defeated within the councils of our church.

The Sound of Silence

It is Good Friday, when the silence of God is stronger than the noise of men.

Embracing the Cross of Christ

We must embrace the cross, though it may sound as though we Christians glory in weakness, cruelty, suffering, and death.

Humble King of Kings

As the king of all, Jesus could have come down from the cross, as the bystanders dared him to do.

Cæli enarrant: Thorns, Cross, Crucifixion

Until our own end, Christ’s Passion remains the singular source of salvation and holiness — in the sacraments, and in our love of him by acts of penance, reparation, and solidarity.