Communion in Chaos in the UMC

The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered United Methodist Churches throughout much of the United States. Over the past week Methodist pastors have made many difficult decisions. More are still to come.

Unintended Blessings of the Pandemic

Many of us, in addition to much prayer (and, to be honest, not a little worry), have started to think about some of the potential benefits of this experience of pandemic.

Worship in a Time of Pandemic (Part 2)

By Matthew S. C. Olver Part one of this essay considered questions of administering Holy Communion during the pandemic as well as the question of whether or not to hold public worship. Today I consider the responsibilities of clergy and the faithful and off... Read More...

Worship in a Time of Pandemic (Part 1)

Many bishops and dioceses have sent all manner of instructions, suggestions, and directives, and parish priests are in a difficult situation as they try and figure out how to approach this pastoral challenge, especially when it comes to worship.

Working from Home: A Rule of Life

Now, as we are hunkered down due to COVID-19, they can be a good reminder of our own need, as human creatures, to create meaningful order and to be ordered, to refuse to return to the chaos from which creation was originally pulled and shaped.