On Presence, Real and Impaired

By Kevin J. Moroney For my own part, I have concluded that virtual attendance is real presence, thus virtual attendance truly constitutes an assembly of the baptized. The above is a quote from my recent essay... Read More...

Beauty in the Pandemic

Perhaps that is one reason to live-stream — not that it would lessen our absence from each other, but that it would heighten absence, and thus teach us to yearn.

The Pass the Peace Project

We need peace now more than ever, and we shouldn’t let our inability to gather in person keep us from passing it back and forth.

What Your Parish Priest Misses Most

By Clint Wilson I miss the silence of the church before anyone has arrived, I miss the altar guild faithfully serving in unseen ways, I miss the embrace of so many, touches serving as pastoral promisso... Read More...

Two Ways of Common Praying

This paper is one liturgical theologian’s attempt to reflect on what it can mean to be the Church for an extended period of time when we will be gathering virtually.