Because I Do Not Hope to Turn Again

On Ash Wednesday By Eugene R. Schlesinger With my penchant for the melancholy, I’ve always resonated with what we might consider the “downer” moments of the liturgical year. The desolate waiting of Holy Saturday, the penitent (if not unhopeful or even unjo... Read More...

Conversion Matters

The Three Conversions of the Christian Life By Kevin Martin and Robert Michael Lewis Resource Publications. Pp. 74. $10.00 Review by George Sumner Christianity “turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6)... Read More...

Re-Evaluating David Brooks

By Matt Boulter It was circa 2002. I was an urban church planter in an evangelical denomination in my early 30s, working in a trendy American city. I was full of enthused, energetic adrenaline for gospel-bas... Read More...

Simone Weil and the Mission to Modernity

Simone Weil is a figure who is hard to categorize, a Christian mystic who resisted being baptized, a political philosopher who wrote only one complete book, which bases a theory of political organization on the needs of the human soul.

Reading Scripture Well (Part 2)

In the broadest sense, figural reading is a long-term visa and a rail-pass rolled up into one, that opens up pathways across the extraordinary terrain of the Bible, in a way that includes all reality.