Crypto, FTX, and the Myth of Progress

By Calvin Lane Don’t miss out, a Super Bowl commercial featuring Larry David told us, because you don’t want to stand in the way of progress. Everyone sees the truth now: “crypto” is a scam; it is not the fu... Read More...

I’m Done with Content, and You are Too

By David Barr The consumption of digital content is now an immensely important topic for all of us. In the wake of a pandemic still reverberating in our communities, souls, and psyches, one of the inheritanc... Read More...

A Curated Life

Along with rest of our lives, it easy to fabricate a spiritual enclave in which we can live without encountering anything we don’t like.

The Crisis of Modernity: A Recommendation of Augusto Del Noce

Del Noce perceived that this combination of destructive skepticism and romantic optimism was unstable, and that skepticism and relativism were bound to defeat and consume the romantic and optimistic revolutionary side of Marxism. When the proletariat didn’t rise up in revolution but instead were able to buy toasters and refrigerators and automobiles that were not available in socialist countries, the doom of the Soviet Union was sealed.

Notre Dame, theology, and cultural poverty

The University of Notre Dame is looking at eliminating one of the two mandatory theological requirements for its undergraduate students. But why should this matter to readers of Covenant?