Problems with Forgiveness

By Amber Noel The priest says, “Let us confess our sins against God and our neighbor,” and maybe (if you’re lucky), there’s a period of silence before you launch into “Most merciful God,” during which your e... Read More...

Confessions of a Penitential Orderer

By Matthew S. C. Olver I despise the Penitential Order. Scratch that. I actually have come to think that the so-called Penitential Order in the 1979 BCP is theologically and ritually preferable. I just hate ... Read More...

Against Non-Apologies

What Sir Paul McCartney Understands About Contrition That Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, and Elvis Did Not (Nor Most Current Public Apologizers) By Neal Michell We live in an age of public apologies. Politicians are apologizing, celebrities are apologizing, a... Read More...

The blessing of confession

Some urge that confession be restricted to Lent in future liturgies. Yet to omit confession would also omit the great blessing we receive through the weekly challenge to confess, forgive, and be forgiven.

Prayer during a long, hot campaign

Episcopalians have expressed their concern about the tenor of Trump and his massive political rallies. Statements have ranged from scolding to more subtly critical.

Paschal penitence

The New Testament suggests that there is nothing more paschal in character, than the transitional moment represented by our repentance and God’s forgiveness.

Will the goats please stand up?

For despite the major things Godspell gets wrong, I think it gets this one thing right. It is only those who continue to beg for mercy, who persevere in the face of judgment that have the temerity to start building the Beautiful City, brick by brick, heart by heart.