Unity’s Fire

This past summer, I joined my 14-year-old son, Isaac, in a hot, dusty field outside Georgetown, Texas. He was competing at part of the U.S. Junior National Team in the World Space Modeling Championships. I had ... Read More...

General Convention 2022: Signs of Synodical Grace

Editorial By Mark Michael & Christopher Wells The Episcopal Church’s General Convention is a synod. That is to say, it is a gathering of Christians who, like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, are moving together, talking about what they have heard a... Read More...

Communion and Clarifying Dialogue 

Have I engaged this topic in a way that leads to the flourishing that you very beautifully call forth from male leaders? One day God will make this clear. But isn’t the point of dialogue to enter into the fray and to refine each other through enhanced mutual understanding?

Communion and Shalom

By keeping the love of our neighbor and working toward shalom in our communities at the forefront of everything we do, we can engage in these conversations with a love and humility that will then lead to the mutual thriving of those in our communities and extend outwards to the world around us.

Preparing for Communion

The work of preparing to receive Holy Eucharist is not meant to scare us off. Nor is it meant to erect barriers. On the contrary, our preparation is meant to instill within us reverence and respect for the incredible gift of the Eucharist.

Communion and Consent

Hospitality does not mean inviting people into the most sacramentally intimate spaces of the Christian life, it means being honest about intentions, healthy boundaries, the shape and form such commitments will take, and yes, eventually, the intimate sharing of one body with another. If consent is important in our debates about sexual boundaries, how is it also not important for sacramental boundaries?