Reading the News Like a Christian: Part 1

The Weight of the World By Abigail Woolley Cutter There are weeks when, even though everything is going well in our house — the kids are happy, we parents are sleeping enough — a cloud nevertheless descends... Read More...

The Caroline Divines and COVID-19

By Christopher D. Jones COVID-19 poses unique practical and moral challenges, as it affects the respiratory, circulatory, and neurological systems, and causes harm to vulnerable populations and the general public. So far in 2020 it has upended the global ec... Read More...

The gospel ain’t about you

The gospel is the proclamation that “the crucified and risen Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and therefore the Lord of the world.” And the time is ripe for a preaching ministry that reflects this gospel and equips the saints for the holy life which is our spiritual worship.

The ethics of travel

I write from the road, on the latest of my long trips for the Living Church Foundation. It leads me to wonder about the proper movement of Christians on the earth.