News Media and Belonging 

Part 5 of Reading the News Like a Christian By Abigail Woolley Cutter This post wraps up a series on reading the news like a Christian. In the last four installments, I’ve written on how our information tec... Read More...

Encountering Each Other in the Anglican Communion

By Joseph Wandera Did not our hearts burn within us, while he talked to us on the way, while he opened to us the Scripture? — Luke 24:32 Although at a worldwide level there have been heated debates that tend to highlight divisions in the Anglican Communion,... Read More...

Myrna Loy and Charity: The Thin Man

This is the fifth post in a series in which I explore what classic film actresses in iconic roles can teach us — and, more particularly, my fast-growing daughter — about the seven classic virtues. These posts f... Read More...

Useless beauty

A shanty hut with a single (barely affordable) flower in a vase is a victory for Christ and a sign of his new creation.

Giving is a holy madness

In terms of stimulating pleasure, charitable giving is neurologically on par with eating fudge or getting laid.
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Conscience, controversy, and charity

I think about the controversies that roiled the church into which I was ordained, and I grieve that we could not find a way to handle issues of conscience and theological vision with more charity.