News Media and Belonging 

Part 5 of Reading the News Like a Christian By Abigail Woolley Cutter This post wraps up a series on reading the news like a Christian. In the last four installments, I’ve written on how our information tec... Read More...

Sloth, Charity, and the Christmas “Pause”

By Thomas Kincaid Did you know that every year — every single one — New Year’s Day is exactly one week after Christmas Day? Of course you did. It happens like, well, clockwork. For some reason, I remember the moment in my childhood that I came to this... Read More...

Myrna Loy and Charity: The Thin Man

This is the fifth post in a series in which I explore what classic film actresses in iconic roles can teach us — and, more particularly, my fast-growing daughter — about the seven classic virtues. These posts f... Read More...

Useless beauty

A shanty hut with a single (barely affordable) flower in a vase is a victory for Christ and a sign of his new creation.

Giving is a holy madness

In terms of stimulating pleasure, charitable giving is neurologically on par with eating fudge or getting laid.