Becoming Leaders of Profound Change

By Kristine Blaess In 1992, President Václav Havel of Czechoslovakia wrote an Opinion piece for The New York Times that electrified its readership. “The end of Communism is, first and foremost, a message to ... Read More...

New Year’s Eve

By Dane Neufeld New Year’s Eve offers a window into the overlapping but often divergent interests of the Church calendar and the secular calendar. While today is technically the feast of St. Sylvester, the s... Read More...

Outcome-based discipleship

What might it reasonably look like for the witness of Christian disciples to change the world in a way that is appropriately modest, that is, short of presuming to build Jerusalem?

The art of leadership: Playing ‘piano’

The image of leadership being valorized in both the Church and the society in our time is the leader who can play the changes fortissimo. But is it not also important to be able to play softly?

Mission amid ‘churning’

We are in the midst of a quieter kind of "mfecane," a great churning. We need to raise our heads and notice the series of dramatic changes that we are living through.

Maybe you should stay. Maybe…

I am hardly suggesting that “staying” — in a job, in a parish, in a denomination, in a city, with an institution — is always the right thing to do, only that, for Christians, change rather than stability bears the burden of proof, a burden that can be satisfied, but is borne nonetheless.
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Keeping Easter in a world of change

My early formation as an Episcopalian was shaped to a large extent by the first person I ever felt confident in calling “my priest.” Among his many notable features, I learned much from the way he kept Easter. ... Read More...