An Insult to Reformed Theology

By Steve Schlossberg One of the things I learned in seminary is that Reformed theology and Catholic liturgy are incompatible. I happened to learn that at an ardently Anglo-Catholic seminary, but I’m fairly s... Read More...

After Darkness, Light?

The documentary Calvinist is a visual tract intended primarily for American evangelicals unaffiliated and possibility unfamiliar with the movement.

John Calvin on Job: Sermons of a pastor

One of the refreshing parts of Calvin’s approach to Scripture is his existential realism — he has a thorough appreciation of the Pauline doctrine that all are sinners, and so he is not afraid to see the heroes of the Bible as alloyed with sin and weakness alongside their better qualities.

The double cure

Toplady's “Rock of Ages, Cleft for Me” qualifies as one of the richest hymns, with its biblical allusions, soteriological vision, and complex history.
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The American Calvinist

Truly, he is no poet / but clearly he doesn’t know it / and his tedious rhymes / continue / line after line after line.