A reflection on Hannah’s Child

Reading Stanley Hauerwas for the first time was a bit like drinking from a new well only to find that the water tastes much the same as the old one. That analogy might almost be a definition of orthodoxy.

Review: The Harrisburg 7 and the New Catholic Left

In 2012, Notre Dame Press published a fortieth anniversary edition of William O’Rourke’s The Harrisburg 7 and the New Catholic Left, a contemporaneous account of the trial of seven defendants--four radical priests, two nuns, and one Pakistani academic--for con... Read More...

Goodbye to my guitar hero

I am overwhelmed by Bruce Cockburn’s preference for ideological purity over doctrinal clarity, his contempt for conservatives, and his follow-your-bliss sexual morality.
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Review: Rowan Williams, Being Christian

What does being Christian entail? What distinguishes the Christian community from other communities? What do the diverse Christian traditions hold in common?
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Mere Catholicism

What does it mean to be a Catholic university? Alasdair MacIntyre, perhaps the most influential living philosopher, believes the answer to this question involves a significant place for the Catholic philosophical tradition.
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An Augustinian grammar

As Augustine so famously asserted in Sermon 52, if you think you’ve understood something, whatever it is, it’s not God. The maxim might also be applied to Augustine himself.
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Rowan’s Rule

The Biography of the Archbishop of Canterbury: A Review