Painting Exclusively in Green

Our Last Best Act Planning for the End of Our Lives to Protect the People and Places We Love By Mallory McDuff Broadleaf Books, pp. 211, $18.99 Review by Douglas LeBlanc In a brisk and inquisitive styl... Read More...

Souls & Bodies in East Texas

When it comes to many of the dominant assumptions of the cultural landscape in East Texas (what Charles Taylor and others call the “social imaginary”), I do plan to continue to undermine them. Historic, Christian orthodoxy, mediated by classical Anglicanism, is a much better way.

Our bodies are magic

One of the great blessings of Catholic Christianity is that it affirms both the earthiness and the enchantment of the world we live in. There is no shying away from the stark realities of our physicality.

This mortal weight: flesh, resurrection, and patience

We bear the weight that surrounds us in the daily trappings of life: waking, sleeping, eating, drinking, working, concerning oneself with the plight of one's neighbor. These things are a joy at times, but at others they sit heavily across the shoulders.