A Thicker Constellation of Vocation

By John Sundara It’s become commonplace to talk about vocation. In many ordination processes, the discerner is expected to articulate their vocation to the priesthood. Many college ministries help graduating... Read More...

Psalm 37: “Don’t You Worry”

By Hannah Matis Andrew Bird is not a musician I would expect, in the ordinary way of things, to take up biblical exegesis.  A prodigy fiddler, possessed of a stage whistle worthy of the late great Ennio Morricone, Bird was once a member  of the swing reviva... Read More...

Bible Believing Episcopalians

By Clint Wilson Last year I was talking with a colleague who told me about an interaction she had with a young child in Sunday School as they discussed the story of the Annunciation. She mentioned to the chi... Read More...

Reading Scripture as Centered on Jesus

The Swiss theologian’s striking insights on core Christian doctrines glisten through this superb collection of essays plumbing his engagements with gospel texts.

Transformed by Jesus

May our reading of John’s Gospel inspire us to write more chapters of the good news of Jesus by sharing the power of his forgiveness and the hope of his resurrection with the world God loves so much.

The Cup is What He Gives You

We see in our readings that when Jesus prays for us to be united to him and to the Father, there is then no other way we can choose if we are to be blessed, apart from the one that the Father gives Jesus.