Three Popes

By Graham Kings Introduction The phrase “Electoral College” has been much discussed recently around the election of the new President of the United States of America. An older “Electoral College,” the Pap... Read More...

Hope as the World Is Ending

By Jonathan Mitchican Life in the time of coronavirus is hard.The battle that the human race now wages against this pandemic is beyond anything known in our lifetime. Many people have described it as apocaly... Read More...

A Tale of Two Popes

By Matt Boulter Anyone who remembers Shadowlands, the classic 1993 film about C. S. Lewis, knows that Anthony Hopkins has an uncanny knack for portraying Christian intellectuals who are struggling through an existential crisis. Yet another actor gifted in p... Read More...
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What Benedict taught me about liturgy

In 2010, I adopted a two-year-old German Shepherd, and I named him Benedict. There was a man of German descent on Peter's pontifical seat, and I was in seminary: it all seemed very clever. As usual, the Holy Sp... Read More...
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Augustinian brothers? Not so fast

Hard to believe the suggestion that Rowan and Benedict are anti-Thomists. But perhaps they did resist a contemporary “stripping of the altars.”
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Holiness in Holy Week

Sanctification is about finding ourselves within Christ's pilgrimage to the cross.