A Memorial to the 79th General Convention

We hope that this memorial can contribute in some way to the staking out of a broad and comprehensive orthodoxy, clear principles to guide part of our shared future.

The 1979 Prayer Book’s Worthy Heritage

The prayer book advanced the conviction that women bear the image of God as fully as men do .... It is perhaps surprising, then, to see it depicted as an instrument of misogyny.

Reconstructive Surgery on the Prayer Book?

The passage of a proposed liturgical resolution at General Convention would have dire consequences for TEC's Catholic identity and thus for traditionalists remaining in the church.

Between Scylla and Charybdis?

Many of us wish for clear sailing on prayer book revision, but we run a real danger of getting caught by a whirlpool on one side and rocky shoals on the other.

Finding, not fixing

We don't need prayer book revision in the church; we need prayer book recovery.

A concise prayer book

Many want to be reconnected to a tradition from which they feel distanced. They want ancient, connected, continuous, simple, transformative liturgy.