Preach the Gospel at All Times

By Charlie Clauss “Preach the gospel at all times; when necessary, use words.” —Attributed to St. Francis If there is one thing that unites people across many different faith traditions — a kind of ecumenica... Read More...

Living as Salt & Light

By Bryan Owen I had the good fortune of growing up next door to my grandmother. Her name was Lily Pearle. Does it get any more Southern than that? Grandmama’s house was a refuge whenever I needed a getawa... Read More...

How Do We Lead When We Make the News?

By Kristine Blaess Last week, the county in which I serve made the national news in a ProPublica article that alleges systemic racial bias in our county’s juvenile justice system. At least eleven elementary-age children have been jailed in a pattern of ille... Read More...

Hope in the midst of evil

One word has kept coming into my mind since the shootings, which we don't hear from many Episcopal pulpits: "demonic."

Baptism and environmental stewardship

Canadian Anglicans have added a vow about environmentalism to their baptismal covenant. I worry that making environmental activism fundamental to Christian baptism obscures what is more fundamental to it.

St. Blasé’s welcomes you!

An interview In which an everyday journalist meets a typical Episcopal parish, in all its love for the blessing of animals and the "hypothetical Buddhists" down the street.