Nourishing Memories, Chapter 1

Early Childhood A continuation of my memoir. By Graham Kings “I must confess, I was born at a very early age.” — Groucho Marx Birth I make the same confession as Groucho Marx. Perhaps, though, it is w... Read More...

Adopted in Baptism

By Clint Wilson I am now at the stage in life where I have become familiar with the plot lines of many children’s stories, including The Giving Tree, The Monster at the End of This Book, The Berenstain Bears... Read More...

Baptism and the Community of Faith

It Takes a Church to Baptize What the Bible Says About Infant Baptism by: Scot McKnight Brazos Press. PP. 140 $16.99 Review by Clint Wilson Scot McKnight is a prominent New Testament scholar and a fixt... Read More...

“A Terrible Light”

Being reborn is not easy. It is Lazarus being called to life by a “terrible light.”

Words of Eternal Life

Just as baptism leads to identification with Jesus’s divine Sonship, making us by adoption what belongs to Jesus by nature, so too in John this baptism-like scene provokes an understanding of our ongoing identification with and consideration of our life in Christ.

Confirmation of Confirmation

Lots of Episcopalians, lay and ordained, seem to think they know what confirmation is, but our canons and liturgical forms are, at best, ambiguous, and there’s nothing approaching broad agreement about how to interpret them.