To Care and Not To Care

By Ian Olson Lent is always a summoning out of the fertile Jordan Valley and into the wasteland, a wasteland, paradoxically, pregnant with promise. We are driven out of the lush surplus to the desert so as t... Read More...

Because I Do Not Hope to Turn Again

On Ash Wednesday By Eugene R. Schlesinger With my penchant for the melancholy, I’ve always resonated with what we might consider the “downer” moments of the liturgical year. The desolate waiting of Holy Sat... Read More...

The Way of Love: Turn

Part of a series on The Way of Love. Other previous entries are available here. By Charlie Clauss Presiding Bishop Curry should be applauded for his work to bring the Episcopal Church the program, The Way... Read More...

Newman on Self-deception and Self-knowledge

The way truly to know ourselves is not idly to look within ourselves, but rather to look away from ourselves at the one who calls us by name, who commands us to love him by loving our neighbor, who sends us into the vineyard to work today.

Ashes to Go? Context and Rationale

Ashes to Go can be a useful evangelistic tool, assuming that the context of the gospel in the prayer book liturgy can be legitimately maintained.

Renewing the Art of Holy Dying

How might we encourage faith and trust in Christ in the final hour? How might we minister to bodies we believe will rise again? How might we convey the mercy of God to those whose strength is gone?