The Arte and Crafte of Dying Well

By David Ney There is ... a time to be born and a time to die. — Ecclesiastes 3:1 The last chapter of George Marsden’s award-winning biography on Jonathan Edwards begins with the following sentence: “Jonath... Read More...

On Good Funerals

What are some “best practices” for the ritual observance of a Christian's death that we should strive not to surrender to the secular culture?

Renewing the Art of Holy Dying

How might we encourage faith and trust in Christ in the final hour? How might we minister to bodies we believe will rise again? How might we convey the mercy of God to those whose strength is gone?

The craft of suffering

The Christian experience of suffering is distinctive. “Pain without God is intolerable. Everything in our culture flows from this ‘without God’; and, in this case, pain therefore sweeps everything before itself.”

Am I ready to die?

The diagnosis came like a bolt from the blue. As a priest, I have regularly been near death and dying, but I found myself unprepared for the inevitable in my case.