Designing the Theater of Rome

The Artist and the Eternal City Bernini, Pope Alexander VII, and the Making of Rome By Loyd Grossman Pegasus Books, pp. 315, $29 Review by Ben Lima During his incomparable six-decade career, Gian Loren... Read More...

In Defense of Beautiful Church Buildings

By Cole Hartin Some of the most rewarding work I do happens when I am blissfully unaware of my physical surroundings. Psychologists call this a “state of flow,” in which we become completely enmeshed in the ... Read More...

A House for the Body

By Calvin Lane Just to the south of Hyde Park in London lies the upscale neighborhood of Knightsbridge. There you can visit a Rolex boutique before popping into Harrod’s, the self-proclaimed world’s leading ... Read More...

Of Pulpits and Preaching

The dignity of the pulpit, whether it is centrally located or off to one side, reflects the importance of the preaching office in the life of the Church.

We Can’t Just Rebuild

It is tragically fitting that this catastrophe should take place in France, once the home of the Holy See and now among the most secular nations in the West.