Of Apostles and their Successors

Homily for St. Matthias,  Chapel of St. Mary the Virgin, Nashotah House Theological Seminary, February 24, 2022 Scripture – Psalm 15; Acts 1:15-26; Philippians 3:12-21; John 15:1-8 By Matthew S. C. Olver  ... Read More...

The Optional Bishop

An Anglican province bent on mission but without theological and historical depth will make for a weak, divided church.

Apostolicity at stake 

This issue is not about who may tell TEC what to do, but whether apostolicity is to remain a feature of Anglicanism.

Catholicity, apostolicity: Come on down

What does it mean for Anglicans to profess reformed catholicity in a visible communion across great stretches of geography and culture, and how can we seek and serve one another faithfully?